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Why Enroll in the Best Places to Study Abroad in Europe?

Millions of students go yearly to the best locations to study abroad in Europe because of their oldest and most reputed universities worldwide. Some of the well-known universities of Europe are the University of Oxford, the University of Copenhagen, the University of London, King’s College London, the University of Cambridge, and so on. Furthermore, there are global learning institutions in European cities that provide high-quality education services to fulfill the demands of students. European universities provide updated courses to students, including business, science, IT, and many more. After graduating from European universities, students expect various job opportunities with stable and professional career development aspects. Do you know why exactly students prefer to study abroad in Europe? Let’s discuss the best places to study in Europe.

The Best Places to Study Abroad in Europe

Students majorly focus on studying in Europe because European universities provide a stable political environment that leads the students toward their career development opportunities. Let’s discuss some significant locations to study abroad in Europe –

1. Finland

Happiest country with the finest location

Study in Finland

Finland has top the ranking of happiest nations in the world. It is one finest locations to study abroad in Europe due to its educational services. They follow the Finnish educational system that has continuously ranked high in the global education framework in terms of the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA). The education system of Finland adopts the multi-disciplinary approach of combining self-study aspects with problem-solving skills to maintain positive learning experiences. Finland has topped the ranking for the high applicants who have applied for higher education in the last few years.

2. Portugal

Great for an elevated standard of living

Image of Portugal

Many international students have effectively been influenced by the positive environment of Lisbon, Portugal. Portugal has some leading universities/college institutions that offer valuable and updated courses to students. Lisbon has delightful and attractive areas with reputable universities that treat students fairly and equally of all cultures. Finland provides affordable living costs, a key engagement of students in the Portuguese culture, and reasonable accommodation. Portugal has less cost of living, as well as, lower tuition fees compared to another European countries. Budget-conscious students can assure Portugal is an effective location that provides the finest quality of education services with a stimulating lifestyle.

3. France

Great for cosmopolitan living

Image of France

France provides a multicultural study experience and the nation is one of the best locations for study abroad in Europe. France has effective universities and attractive cities where the students have experienced diverse cultures, as well as, high-quality education services. They are also well-known for their affordable cuisine and most well-known for study abroad locations in Paris, Europe with well-established organizations and programs that provide educational courses to students. France is an attractive place to study in an academic environment. Various French universities/ colleges are ranked top in providing high-quality education services in Europe. Moreover, the nation offers academic accreditation, global research opportunities, and various key benefits that make it an effective location for high-study education.

4. Spain

Great for cultural immersion

Study in Spain

Spain is the finest location to study abroad in Europe, a well-known destination with tradition and unique innovation. Barcelona is an ideal city for higher education studies due to its effective, fast-forwarding, and leading learning institutions in the nation. Furthermore, Spain is the entry point to Europe, as well as, Latin America that offers access to students to grab various remarkable career opportunities.

5. Germany

Great for a culture of international students

Study in Germany

The capital of the largest economy of Europe is Berlin, they hold effective significance in the country. Berlin is known for their historical past with varied places that highlight their culture and background. Due to this, Berlin in Germany is considered the best place to study abroad in Europe. They have global leading producers of automobiles, a rising technological sector, and key demand for IT experts are rapidly developing and it offers global opportunities to the students. Hundreds of universities in Germany have applied free of cost and less tuition fee structure available for the students.

6. Italy

Great for a thriving art scene

Study in Italy

Italy is well-known for its food, education, museums, and historical sites. There are various alternatives to select from in terms of fashion, innovative writing, as well as, visual art. One of the top locations is Florence which is the art capital of Italy. Florence is the academic hub and home of various leading and reputable universities and colleges. Furthermore, Italy has a wider base of student population that makes it an attractive location for students.

7. London

Great for top-ranked academics

Study in London

The United Kingdom refers to the most well-known study-abroad destination in Europe and it is the first preference of most foreign students. London is the capital of the UK and it holds 14% of the UK’s global population but also a wider base of international students from all entire Europe. London is one of the best locations to study abroad in Europe as it highlights a diversified and contemporary environment for the students. The United Kingdom’s capital enables them to communicate with each other and develop valuable links that offer them advantages in managing their professional and personal development. London has leading and top-ranking universities that provide several sorts of specializations for students.

8. Netherlands

Great for access to travel

Study in Netherlands

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and it is the first preference of various international students. It is one of the best locations to study abroad in Europe and an ideal academic place. Everything is also nearby available by foot and cycling ensuring their requirements are within their reach. There is an effective culture, music, and history that makes the location unique for various international students. Students are influenced by the friendly behavior of the Netherlands and their educational structure to study in English as the courses provided at leading universities have a wider base of subjects for every student.

9. Sweden

Great for a vibrant culture

Study in Sweden

Students who are environment conscious would love this place with pristine forests, as well as, lakes. Sweden is an effective location to study abroad in Europe because of its top-notch colleges and universities. It is well-known for its high-quality and effective education system and it provides students with global opportunities for a lifetime to experience the vibrant culture. The nation has continuously ranked among the leading nations for equality globally and top ranking among the finest nations in gender equality, as well as, LGBTQ rights.

10. Switzerland

Great for top-notch education services

Study in Switzerland

The international students majorly prefer Zurich, Schweiz, Basel, Zug, Geneva, Bern, as well as, Glarus in terms of getting top-notch education services at less cost. Swiss universities effectively invest in excellence, science, technology, and research educational courses. After graduation, international students can get a residency permit for 6 months for job opportunities.


Question 1 – What are the names of leading universities in London for international students?

London has various prestigious universities such as Imperial College, London School of Economics, and University College Longdon. They provide a wider level of programs and courses for international students.

Question 2 – What is the cost of living in Paris for students?

Studying in Paris is expensive generally in central fields, but students can identify reasonable housing alternatives and advantages in terms of discounts on cultural activities and free transport services.

Question 3 – Is it easy to find part-time work opportunities for students in Barcelona?

Barcelona provides part-time opportunities for jobs in various industries such as tourism, tutoring, and hospitality. It offers students valuable working experiences along with their studies.

Question 4 – What are the advantages of studying in Berlin for students interested in technology and innovation?

Berlin is the hub for various technical startups and unique innovative sectors. They provide access to the students for cutting-edge research services, networking opportunities, as well as, internship opportunities in the technical sector.

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