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The Getraise Overseas is an all-in-one solution that can make your study abroad dreams come true. We are here to make it easier to study in Germany for Indian students. German Universities offer several scholarship programs to international students and our team is here to find the best that fits your needs and requirements.
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Germany is a world of opportunities for international students as it pushes your limits to the best. The country with a world-class education system that can help you enhance your career in more than one way. Socializing with the German people and making friends there can be an amazing experience for life. This may teach you a lot of things that stay with you in your entire journey of life helping you make better decisions both professionally and personally.

Why study in Germany?

Studying abroad is an experience that teaches you to deal with your problems in your own way. It is an opportunity to extend the limits of opportunities to build a better professional career. Explore the world in a way you never did before. Choosing Germany as your study abroad destination can bring you a lot of benefits and make your journey more interesting. Let us dig deep into the German culture and find out why Germany shroud is your study abroad destination.

Genesis Overseas is there to help you know how it can happen more easily. Germany has been recognized as the prime study abroad destination for a lot of reasons. One of the major reasons is that most German universities do not charge any tuition fees to their students.

This makes Germany an affordable choice for students aspiring to study in a foreign country. The German education system provides you with leverage to study in English as well which makes it easier for international students to have a great learning experience in a country like Germany. German is considered one of the easy to learn and speak the language and studying in Germany facilitated you to build proficiency in both English and German. This can enhance your professional portfolio at its best making it multi-lingual. Most employers in the international market find that individuals with advanced communication and learning German can contribute to the same as well.

The highly qualified team of professors and tutors is out there to guide you in every step of your academic learning as well as career development. Students from all over the world are welcomed here making a diverse culture where every student feels comfortable. People from more than 75 different nations come to Germany with their career goals and objectives to be achieved which adds up to the diverse culture of the academic environment of the country. You can go out safely in Germany regardless of whether it is a day or night out there. The social and political stability of the country ensures your safety in the country as well. The unending career opportunities provided by German universities with a wide range of distinguished courses and study programs for the students are one of the centers of attraction for the global population out there. Speaking of career opportunities in Germany, you can observe endless opportunities to seek the best employment options in the country itself. The industries like automobiles are globally recognized by the people giving you another reason to study in Germany.

The teaching staff here are at their best to help you develop proficiency in both these languages. But is it affordable to survive in Germany? Yes, the living standards in Germany not only provide you with a quality of life but also make it affordable for international students.

Popular Universities

GISMA Business School:

GISMA Business School is a well-known private institution in Germany that offers internationally approved business and management programmes. GISMA provides students with great networking and employment prospects due to its varied student body and strong industry contacts. The school’s approach emphasizes practical learning and a worldwide perspective, making it a business education center.

Berlin School of Business and Innovation:

Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI): The Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI) is a prestigious private higher education institution located in Berlin, Germany. BSBI is notable for its breadth of programmed in areas such as finance, entrepreneurship, and marketing. By incorporating real-world case studies and hands-on projects, the school fosters an innovative learning environment that prepares students for a competitive employment market.

University of Applied Sciences Europe GMbH:

The University of Applied Sciences Europe GmbH (UE) has campuses in Berlin, Hamburg, and Iserlohn, Germany. As a private university, UE provides a diverse range of programmes in the arts, media, technology, and business. UE engages with industry partners to provide students with authentic experiences that foster creativity, innovation, and professional progress as part of its commitment to practical education.

Top Courses

Fashion Designing Courses: 

Fashion design courses entice students to attend French colleges. Design principles, textile technology, garment building, pattern making, and fashion illustration are all covered in these programmes, which provide an immersive understanding of the fashion business. Students obtain a comprehensive understanding of the fashion industry by focusing on marketing and branding tactics. The rich tradition of fashion education at French institutions adds to their allure, providing students with a forum to demonstrate their talents through fashion shows and exhibitions.

Hospitality Management: 

French institutions excel at providing hospitality management programmes that equip students for careers in the fast-paced hospitality industry. Students learn about customer service, event planning, hotel operations, and restaurant management. Internships and industry collaborations provide hands-on experience. Given France’s global tourist renown, studying hospitality management in France offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn about luxury service, culinary arts, and holistic hospitality sector management.

MBA – Marketing and Arts: 

The MBA in Marketing and Arts, a sought-after programme in French universities, combines business acumen with artistic flare. Students study branding, audience engagement, cultural policy, and arts administration as they learn to promote and manage artistic and cultural items. The lively arts scene and cultural heritage of France provide a real-world backdrop for these topics to be explored, making this programme a great bridge between creativity and commercial competence.


Engineering programmes are popular in German institutions. Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, civil engineering, and automotive engineering are common choices among students. Many institutions maintain strong industry linkages for research and practical training, and these programmes frequently combine academic concepts with hands-on applications.


German universities are known for their thorough management programmes. Business Administration, International Business Management, Marketing, Finance, and Entrepreneurship are all well-known fields.

Admission Requirements

You’ll normally require a recognized educational qualification, such as a high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree, depending on your chosen level of study. Language tests like the TOEFL or IELTS are usually required to demonstrate proficiency in either English or German. You may also be requested to submit a CV, a motivational statement, and letters of recommendation. More thorough information is available on the official website of the university and the programme you are considering.

Student Visa Requirements

In terms of student visa requirements, you’ll typically need an acceptance letter from a German university, proof of sufficient financial means to cover your living expenses, and valid health insurance. Completing a visa application form, possessing a valid passport, supplying passport-sized pictures, and maybe attending an interview at a German consulate or embassy are additional required steps. Remember that requirements can vary, so check the official website of the German consulate in your country for the most up-to-date information.

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