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We the Getraise promise to Indian students to assist them in their journey of studying abroad by always being there to help out in every possible situation. We are committed to facilitating you with the best quality of support and assistance in finding you the best option for your study abroad dream.
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Studying abroad is an opportunity that expands the limits of your career growth and development in the international environment. You can achieve proficiency in communication that allows you to interact with people all across the globe.

An experience from a new culture brings you an experience of observing the world like never before. France is a country that attracts people for numerous reasons and its beautiful scenery is one of them. The lovely environment in which France facilitates international students is the reason why it is a choice for several Indian students to study abroad. Let us tell you how we, Getraise Overseas can assist you to make it happen.

Why study in France?

France is historically considered to be the world’s most beautiful country. The country has a lot of things to make it worth visiting once in your life. But how could it be beneficial to choose France as your study abroad destination?

Here is the answer to your question. France being a world-famous tourist destination does not have expensive education. French universities provide affordable courses in a variety of fields compared to the universities in other countries like the US.

The scholarship and other programs provided by the French government provided to both local and international students reduce the tuition fees to as minimum as possible. This brings another reason to the students from around the world to come and study in France. Not only that, the infrastructure of the country makes it more economic for international students to stay longer and achieve their career aims with the bunch of opportunities available in France.

The special discounts in every region of the country for young individuals and students make it more affordable for them to settle in the French environment. Additionally, the easy accommodation facilities make an equal contribution to the same as well.

The country is known for its Fashion especially the trend in Paris, the city of romance that is world famous. The influence of social media on the global population made fashion to be one of the best industries for developing a great career. This gives you one more reason why you should study in France. Let us not forget the history of French culture which is visible in its architecture and literature. History and literature are still considered to be the major fields of interest for both local and international students and France is a significant choice for them to study about.

Why study in France with Getraise Overseas?

We, the Getraise Overseas are here with an all-in-one solution to your study abroad challenges making it easier to study in France for Indian Students with the best assistance through our services. We are here to help you decide what is best for you and your future. French is becoming a language for international markets and this is why we offer you the best study programs for Masters in French. Our team of consultants is here to tell you more about the opportunities for studying in France. The French culture does not easily accept you the way you are. But we can prepare to be a part of French culture.

The team is here to help you in resolving every doubt and query you have about French education. Our pre-landing services including Admission and application services are here to help you choose the best university in France to achieve your dream to study abroad. The cost-effective services including student loan facilities can add to your affordability to study in a country like France. We are here to help you in every way possible and make sure that you achieve your career goals according to your interests. Education is always incomplete without experience and here are we with our post-landing services. Our post-landing services include Internship aid to extend the worth of your education in France.

Popular Universities in France

College de Paris ECEMA Business School (Lyon):
College de Paris ECEMA Business School (Lyon): The College de Paris ECEMA Business School, located in Lyon, is a prestigious institution known for its business and management programmes. The school prepares students to flourish in today’s competitive business world by emphasizing practical skills and encouraging entrepreneurial thinking. Lyon’s lively environment enhances the study experience by providing networking opportunities as well as exposure to culture and commerce.

Ecole Ducasse Culinary School:

Ecole Ducasse Culinary School: Founded by acclaimed chef Alain Ducasse, the Ecole Ducasse Culinary School provides a foundation for aspiring culinary artists. The school offers top-tier instruction in cooking and pastry arts through its global presence and campuses in France and beyond. Students receive hands-on education ranging from fundamental methods to advanced cuisine under the supervision of seasoned chefs, paving the way for successful employment in the culinary field.

Pau Campus of CY Tech Grande Ecole of Sciences, Engineering, Economics, and Management:

CY Tech Grande Ecole of Sciences, Engineering, Economics and Management – Pau Campus:

The CY Tech Grande Ecole, based on the Pau Campus, is a prestigious university that offers a wide range of programmes in the sciences, engineering, economics, and management. The campus offers students a holistic education by encouraging collaboration among many fields. This comprehensive approach prepares graduates to face complex challenges and make significant contributions in fields ranging from technology to economics.

Admission Requirements

  • Application: For undergraduate programmes apply directly to your preferred French university or via the Parcourse portal.
  • Academic Transcripts and Certificates: Submit your academic transcripts and certificates. Documents that are not in French may require formal translation.
  • Language Proficiency: If your programme is not in French, demonstrate your English/French proficiency with tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, or DELF/DALF.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Some programmes may require reference letters from teachers or experts.
  • Statement of Intention: Make a statement outlining your academic background, goals, and programme selection.
  • CV/Resume: Some programmes may want your CV.

Visa Requirements for Students

  • Admission Letter: Obtain a letter of admission from a reputable French educational institution.
  • Financial Security: Provide proof of sufficient cash to pay tuition and living expenses.
  • Health Insurance: Obtain comprehensive health insurance for the duration of your stay in France.
  • Student Visa Application Form: Fill out the student visa application form.
  • Passport: Make sure your passport is valid for the duration of your visit.
  • Passport pictures: Provide passport-sized pictures that meet the standards.
  • journey Plans: Outline your journey schedule, including departure and return times.
  • Proof of lodging: Provide proof of your intended lodging throughout your study.
  • Criminal Record: In some circumstances, a clean criminal record certificate may be required.
  • Visa charge: Pay the required visa processing charge

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Fast-Track to My Dream

 I had a really respectable understanding with the GetRaise Overseas. I got my university offer letter in 5-6 days and my visa in 20 days. I was suitably mentored and directed and the whole process was uncomplicated. My genuine appreciation to the team of the GetRaise Overseas for making my dream come true. Thanks team!

Arjun Kumar

Friends Recommend for a Reason

One of my friends who has already taken services from Getraise Overseas suggested that I consult with them. When I went to Getraise Overseas, I understood why my friend was able to settle in his dream country so easily because they provided all the services very efficiently. Thanks to the great team at Getraise Overseas.

Sanya Joshi

Making Dream Universities a Reality

I’m very thankful to the team at Getraise Overseas because of them, I’m able to complete my abroad education at the university of my choice without any trouble. They have helped me right from selecting the course to getting admission and visa requirements within the appropriate time deadlines.

Varun Sharma


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Copyright by Getraise Overseas. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Getraise Overseas. All rights reserved.