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Getraise overseas offers a unique service to Indian students that allows them to stand strong on their decision to study abroad in the USA. We are here to facilitate you with an all-in-one solution to all your confusion and queries that may stop you from making your study abroad dream come true.
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Studying abroad can be an inspiring experience that enables you to grasp the knowledge and behaviour that contributes to your overall growth and development. The United States of America is one of the greatest and most powerful nations across the globe. The supremacy of the country over the world is evidence of the vast opportunities for international students across the globe. Let us tell you how the USA can be a suitable choice for your study abroad ambitions. Let us make you aware of how Getraise Overseas can contribute to the creation of your study abroad dream come to authenticity.

Why study in the USA?

The USA is the country with one of the finest academic environments provided to both local and international students. Academic brilliance is a known fact that carries more and more candidates from different countries around the world to study in the USA.

The constancy of American Universities standing at the top in the list of top universities worldwide is an indication of the quality of education one can get from the USA. The variability of courses in the different fields of education provided by the universities in the USA expands the scope of developing a better career for intentional students. The flexible structure and course content facilitates the students to choose what fits the best to their career goals and ambitions.

There is no need to hurry while learning in the American environment. It provides the flexibility to explore your interest and make better decisions for your future career growth. Do you feel like missing out as an international student? Here are the top American educational institutes that provide you with constant support and assistance in the academic environment. The regular training and orientation programs are designed to ensure that the students coming from completely different environments are able to adapt to the American academic culture. This excellent support also allows international students to understand the American lifestyle and get involved in the new environment.

Culture is one of the key aspects of overseas education and choosing a country with a high-level cultural diversity attracts more students to such an environment. The vast level of cultural diversity allowing international students to encounter people from their region or ethnicity is one of the most significant reasons why students choose the USA over other countries to accomplish their study abroad dreams. The USA welcomes students from various parts of the world to enter their learning environment and make the best use of their potential regardless of where they come from or what is their background.

Why study in the USA with Getraise Overseas?

Getraise Overseas offers a unique service to Indian students that allows them to stand strong on their decision to study abroad in the USA. We are here to facilitate you with an all-in-one solution to all your confusion and queries that may stop you from making your study abroad dream come true. We are committed to providing consistent support and assistance to Indian students to choose the best for their academic careers in a foreign environment. We are here to make it easier to study abroad in the USA for Indian students and hence help them achieve the milestones of their careers.

Popular Universities

University of North Alabama

The University of North Alabama (UNA), located in Florence, Alabama, is a public university that was founded in 1830. UNA provides a wide choice of undergraduate and graduate programmes, with an emphasis on hands-on learning through internships and community service. 

Webster University-San Antonio

Webster University has established a presence in San Antonio, Texas, and presently offers a number of academic degrees. Webster University is best known for its main campus in St. Louis, Missouri, but its San Antonio facility serves students looking for higher education opportunities in the area. The campus is expected to provide a wide range of degrees, courses, and services to assist students in furthering their education.

University of South Dakota (USD) 

The University of South Dakota (USD) is a public research university in Vermillion, South Dakota, founded in 1862. USD offers a diverse range of undergraduate, graduate, and professional programmes in subjects like as business, education, health sciences, and law. Its dedication to research and community interaction helps to the academic and cultural progress of the region. Students from many backgrounds are drawn to the old yet modern campus.

Popular Courses

The top 3 major courses that consist of huge preferences in most of the Universities in the USA are:

Data Analytics: 

The importance of data analytics rests in its capacity to provide students with the skills required to elicit significant insights from complex information. In a data-driven world, this course prepares graduates to assist organizations in making informed decisions, identifying trends, and gaining a competitive edge across several industries.

Business Analytics:

Corporate Analytics is important because it prepares students to use data to improve corporate strategy and operations. This education aids in the decoding of data in order to uncover opportunities for growth, cost-efficiency, and operational improvements. Graduates become skilled at bridging the gap between data analysis and accomplishing practical business goals, making them significant assets to a variety of industries.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): 

The importance of AI research stems from its disruptive impact on businesses, which allows machines to perform activities that require human-like intelligence. Pursuing AI gives students the knowledge and skills to develop algorithms, machine learning models, and AI applications. Given the relevance of AI in industries such as healthcare, finance, and technology, graduates with AI expertise are in high demand to innovate, automate processes, and spearhead breakthroughs that shape the future of business.

Admission Requirements

  • Academic Credentials: You will usually be required to present transcripts and certifications from previous educational institutions. These materials should be examined and translated if they are not in English.
  • Universities may demand standardised test results such as the SAT, ACT, GRE, or GMAT depending on the level of your programme. International students are frequently required to provide English language competence exam scores such as the TOEFL or IELTS.
  • Reference Letters: Some institutions want reference letters from teachers, professors, or professionals who can attest to your academic or professional abilities.
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP): You will very certainly be required to create a statement of purpose outlining your academic aims, programme selection criteria, and alignment with future ambitions.
  • Resume/CV: A complete resume or CV documenting your academic and professional history is frequently required, particularly for graduate programmes. Most institutions charge an application fee to offset administrative costs.

Student Visa Requirements

  • Acceptance from a SEVP-approved university: First, obtain acceptance from a US university that has been approved by the Student and Exchange Visitor Programme (SEVP).
  • Form I-20: Following admission, your institution will provide Form I-20, which is required for F-1 visa applications. It validates programme acceptance and financial support information.
  • Proof of Finances: Show that you have enough money to cover tuition, living expenses, and other charges while studying in the United States.
  • DS-160 Visa Application Form: Fill out the DS-160 non-immigrant visa application form online.
  • Visa Application charge: Pay the mandatory non-refundable visa application charge.
  • Attend a visa interview at the nearest US embassy or consulate. Expect to be questioned about your educational plans, financial situation, and ties to your native country.
  • Passport Validity: Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your expected stay in the United States.

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  It was wonderful dealing with GetRaise Overseas for my admission & visa process of USA. The Visa interview preparation and mock practice was just awesome. Thanks team Overseas for instilling confidence in me and motivating me at every step of the procedure.

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Exceptional Guidance
I’m glad that I got this opportunity to write about the team of Getraise Overseas. The team treats every student very seriously and personally. I can vouch for the fact that Getraise Overseas has the most motivating, supportive and encouraging team which makes them one of the best foreign educational consultants.

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Copyright by Getraise Overseas. All rights reserved.