CareerFactors to consider when looking to study in Canada

June 5, 2023by Aaditya Mishra0

Factors to consider when looking to study in Canada

It is very difficult for those students who want to study in Canada but are not aware of how and when to start the overall journey, the preliminary phase of this journey begins with choosing the perfect university that fits with the overall objective of your academics and personal preferences as well. There are numerous reputed universities and institutions in Canada, and selecting the right one is very difficult for students, so for that here are some factors that you need to consider when want to study in Canada and take decisions based on those factors:

Ranking or position of the university : It is vital to determine the position or ranking of an institution as it directs the excellence of academics and the goodwill of the university, which permits you to have the great experience of learning in Canada.

Entrance Requirements : Every university has different sorts of requirements for admission. Though, the least requirement persists more or few similar across every institution for an equivalent program.

Factors to consider when looking to study in Canada

Location of institutions : The location of the university is very crucial for receiving effective experience from it. For example, if a student wants to study in more diverse places, then they can select those institutions which are situated in urban areas such as Guelph University, Manitoba University, etc. On the other hand, if a student wishes for a more learning environment and relaxed living then they can select universities which are situated in rural areas.

Tuition and fees of a course : The overall cost of fees and tuition depends on which kind of course; students opt for and which type of university they select. Sometimes it is very difficult to conduct proper investigations and accordingly compare every tuition and fee to certify that you are receiving the great possible deal by choosing an adequate prospectus at a suitable institution in Canada.

Scholarships : Observing or assessing the scholarship opportunities in Canada are quite restricted as compared to scholarship opportunities in the United Kingdom (UK), Australia, and the United States (US), for international students. Though, most of the students are still entitled to getting some kind of scholarship if a student has excellent academic scores throughout the years of high school and outstanding scores in English proficiency tests such as IELTS and TOEFL. Despite the fact many of these subsidies or scholarships are offered at the level of entrance, other students entail recollect the excellent academics for the following years at the institutions.

Achievement of Alumni : The achievement of alumni or the prospect of post-graduate is a vital reflection or element at the time of selecting an institution. Students need to look for those universities that have powerful networks with their alumni that might be going to provide opportunities for internship, mentorship, and job placements as well.

Opportunities for Part-time Jobs : Many international students are doing part-time jobs to meet their day-to-day financial requirements. The various university of Canada is already provided a number of opportunities for part-time jobs over off–campus and on–campus placement for this purpose. For example, the reputed University of Alberta in Canada provides numerous sorts of part-time job opportunities to their respective students along with their studies. In addition, the administration of Canada permits the student to do part-time jobs for limited hours. The salary of particular part-time jobs majorly depends on the employee that he/she works with and the location where the student is working. Consequently, it is very essential to do proper research and students need to be conscious of the availability of part-time job opportunities before choosing an institution in Canada. This type of information assists the students to manage and plan their finances accordingly and acquire as much working experience along with their studies.

Permanent Residency (PR) : Those students who want to pursue their studies in Canada are also a way to be a permanent resident (PR) in Canada. Those international students who finish their studies at any university in Canada can easily apply for a work visa for post-graduation, which leads to permanent residency in Canada.

In the end, it is very important to understand and know the major factor while pursuing higher studies in another nation, We at “Getraise Overseas” are here to assist those students who want to study abroad by providing Pre-landing service to Post-landing services.

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