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We the Getraise overseas education are here to help Indian students ambitious to study abroad with our exclusive service and continuous support. Getraise overseas delivers you with an all-in-one solution to the challenges you face in attaining your ambition to study in a foreign country and build a better career for yourself.
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There is a big world out there calling you for a life-changing experience. Studying abroad is expected to be one of the best ways to have such a great experience of life and hence contribute to developing a bright future for yourself. Dubai is a symbol of richness that attracts people all around the world to explore the country. This comes out to be one of the reasons why students from all around the world choose Dubai to achieve their study abroad ambitions. Let us help you know more about the country and explore more reasons to choose Dubai as your study abroad nation. Let us, the Get raise overseas help you out to grab all the opportunities of studying abroad in Dubai.

Why Study Abroad in Dubai?

Dubai, one of the global business hubs is among the most attractive option for students aspiring to study abroad Dubai. One of the reasons is that globally recognized universities and educational institutes have established their campuses in the country. It is an obvious fact that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) never backs off the high-quality standards of its education system.

Dubai facilitates international students with vast opportunities making it the best fit for their study abroad ambitions. It allows the students to observe an experience that not only distinguishes them from others but also becomes an asset to society and its development.

The warm hospitality and diverse culture that the international students experience in Dubai attract them more to the country as well as its education system. It is a fresh platform for the study abroad ambitions of Indian students as the consistent transformation of the country makes it better every now and then. Not only from the aspect of education but also the lifestyle of the country makes it unique and distinguished from other nations in its way.

Surprisingly you are not only limited to the Arabian culture in Dubai itself, It rather provides an opportunity for the students to experience the cultural diversity of all the emirates. Abu Dhabi, the largest among the seven emirates of UAE lets you have a closer look at the country’s culture and traditions. While Dubai a modern and glamorous world for which it is known for is evidence of the luxurious lifestyle that one can experience there. The country is already making significant initiatives to build the best education system in the world. The ambition of the country for building a competitive economy starts from the roots i.e. education sector. Surprise is the best gift you can gain from life. And Dubai is full of surprises for Indian students aspiring to study abroad in Dubai.

Dubai has much more to offer the students than what they expect from it. The higher education system of the country is already observing a recognizable growth giving more and more reasons to study in Dubai for Indian students. The universities in Dubai for master’s degrees are ready to welcome the youth across the world with the distinguished study abroad programs that they offer to international students. Do you feel safe studying abroad? There must be mixed feelings that come with this question when asked by the students aspiring to study abroad. And yes no one is sure whether the environment of the country you choose for yourself is safe or not. Dubai with strict legislation and comparatively low crime rate observed makes it one of the safest destinations for Indian students to study abroad.

Popular Universities

Emirates Aviation University: 

Emirates Aviation University is a well-known university that specializes in aviation education and training. Its curriculum includes subjects such as aeronautical engineering, aviation management, and aviation safety. The university, known for its cutting-edge facilities and industry connections, ensures that students obtain a complete understanding of the aviation profession, successfully preparing them for a variety of careers within this industry.

Amity University: 

Amity University has a global presence in several countries and is well-known for its academic offerings. Its wide programme offerings include business, technology, arts, and sciences. The institution molds students into adaptable professionals by focusing on holistic education, research, and innovation. Amity University provides its students the skills necessary for success in their chosen fields by keeping a strong alignment with market trends and academic rigor.

The Emirates Academy of Hospitality: 

The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management is dedicated to hospitality education and training. Hotel management, tourism, and hospitality business are among its specialized programmes. The academy prepares students for exciting careers in the hotel industry through hands-on experiences and strong industry networks. The school ensures a top-tier education in hospitality management by upholding a commitment to quality and benefiting from tight ties with the Emirates Group.

Popular Courses

Leadership Management

Leadership Management is the art of developing important abilities and characteristics for effectively guiding and motivating teams. This discipline includes understanding a variety of leadership styles, honing communication methods, making sound decisions, and effectively resolving problems. The ability to inspire, influence, and drive innovation while strategically pursuing organizational objectives is important to this subject.

International Business Management: 

International Business Management is concerned with understanding and responding to the complexities of the global business world. This field, which includes courses like as international marketing, cross-cultural interaction, global supply chains, and international trade regulations, prepares individuals to handle the intricacies of multiple cultures, geopolitical considerations, and global market dynamics. It enables professionals to make well-informed worldwide business decisions.

Project Management

Canadian universities’ project management courses address the increased demand for qualified individuals capable of successfully directing projects across numerous industries. These classes teach students how to painstakingly design, execute, monitor, and successfully complete projects. As organizations increasingly use project-centric techniques to achieve their goals, skilled project managers are in high demand. Graduates of these programmes are equipped with the knowledge to lead projects, allocate resources wisely, manage risks, and guarantee projects are completed on time and under budget. In Canada’s changing economic landscape, these abilities play an important role in promoting innovation and ensuring positive project outcomes.

Admission Requirements

The particular qualifications for enrolment in Dubai’s universities can vary based on the institution and programme you’re interested in. In general, you will be expected to submit academic transcripts, certificates, and maybe test results such as the SAT or ACT. Exams such as IELTS or TOEFL may be used to assess your English language proficiency. Additional documentation, such as a statement of intent or letters of recommendation, may be required for certain programs. It is best to consult the official website of the university you are considering for reliable and up-to-date information on admission criteria.

Student Visa Requirements of Dubai

In order to obtain a student visa in Dubai, you’ll normally need an acceptance letter from a recognized educational school, proof of sufficient cash to cover your expenses, copies of your valid passport, passport-sized pictures, and a completed visa application form. You may be required to undergo a medical checkup as well as submit proof of health insurance. It’s important to remember that visa requirements sometimes change, so check the official website of the UAE embassy or consulate in your country for the most up-to-date information.

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