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June 3, 2022by Amarjot Singh0

The acknowledgment of a single effort can change everything. It is your noteworthy inspiration for you to get better with your performance every time your efforts are appreciated. These appreciations are one of the key factors that drive the Getraise Group to deliver remarkable efforts to facilitate our clients with the best services followed by an excellent customer experience. Recently our team observed a significant acknowledgment in the world of business through Blindwink’s recent announcement of the winners of the 2022 International Icon Award winners.

Blindwink is India’s greatest Market Research organization that is always taking a step forward to celebrate the success of the emerging business leaders of the country. We are grateful to both International Icon Awards as well as the Blidwink for considering our efforts valuable enough to be acknowledged and appreciated. We are here to appreciate this overwhelming act of Blindwink to acknowledge our constituent efforts in overseas education and reward us with honor in the fastest-growing business across the Indian market.

Getraise Group

Where there is unity there is always a victory. This victor is the outcome of our staff’s unity and struggles to make the Getraise group a rising star in the overseas business in the country. Hence we, Getraise Overseas are grateful to our employees and staff for their strong efforts as a major contribution to our business growth and development.

Success can never be the end of your efforts it is rather a head-start to a journey of creating new milestones in the world of business. However, an effort is not worth it unless it is recognized by the world. We thank the leading news and media houses including Zee5ANI and Dailyhunt to cover the news and share it with more people across the globe. We are also grateful to the evolving digital news and media platforms like The Print and Latest to spread the news over a larger audience.

Getraise Overseas was and always will be committed to the students by providing the best support and assistance to them all across the world. These appreciations and acknowledgments are evidence of our consistent growth and development as a rapidly evolving business supporting the ambitions of the future generation. We ensure that we will constantly make efforts to enhance the effectiveness of our services to conquer our mission and build a better future for the country.

Following the appreciation and recognition from the leading business analysts, there was another success that Getraise overseas and observed internationally. The international media from our neighboring nations recognized our success by sharing the news with more audiences through their digital media platforms like Maldivesstarplus , Miaminewsherald , Mountainviewsentinel , Southchinaherald , and Srilankaislandnews .

Also, we have observed the same recognition from the European media and news channels including Francenetworktimes , Europeansuntimes ,who considered our achievements valuable enough to be shared with their audience.

Not only the Europeans but also the American audience was able to recognize our success in the field of overseas business. All credit goes to the media coverage of Londonchannelnews , Losangeleseveningdespatch , Newyorkdespatch , Richmondeveningnews , Eastcoastamericannews , and Floridabreakingnews .

We are also grateful to the British media to spread the news of our success and achievements and encouraging our efforts in the UK market through their platforms like Birminghamallnewsnetwork , Britishcolumbiatimes , Britishnewsnetwork , Englandnewsportal , and Londonchannelnews . There is no doubt that being an overseas business we have observed huge success for our remarkable growth which is even visible through the Australian media reporting including the Australiamorningtribune and Sydneyeveningpost whose articles helped us get acknowledged by the Australian population as well.

Let us not oversee the contribution of other overseas media houses to facilitate us with a significant acknowledgment in the global market. we finally thank Buffalodespatch , Capitolhillreporter , Dubaicityreporter , for contributing into our appreciation in the global market.

Media plays a key role to spread the news of your success and achievements to your audience. We thank every one of the regional media channels like Madhyapradeshchronicle and Maharashtrasamachar that support our efforts by sharing our success with their audience through their strong network. We also thank our region for making a step ahead of supporting Getraise overseas in our success. The credit goes to the north-western media channels of the country including Rajasthankikhabar , Gujaratsamachar , and Gujaratvarta . The northeast region followed the footsteps of these media channels in motivating our efforts and made effective use of Northeasttimes ,Bihar24x7 , Bihartimes , Westbengalkhabar , and Jharkhandtimes.

The Northern region never fails to appreciate talent in any field or business sector and the coverage of our appreciation is significant evidence of the same. We are overwhelmed with the media coverage of Punjablive , and Haryanatoday regarding our recent appreciation. Not just Punjab and Haryana but also the Kashmiri media like Kashmirbreakingnews , and Kashmirnewsline has shown their significant response to the news. Just like the Northern region of the country, the South Indian audience was also there to encourage us to get better along with time and maintain the excellence of our services delivered to the customers. We rejoice in the recognition of Karnatakalive , Southindianews , and Telanganajournal .

Not only Karnataka or Telangana but also media houses from other south Indian states acknowledged Getraise’s success in the overseas education sector. This is all because of the contribution of Vanakkamtamilnadu , and Newkerala. Even the central and Middle East regions of the country recognized our success through the reporting of Delhilivenews . Maharashtrasamachar , Up today , and Madhyapradeshchronicle media and news networks. Let us not overlook other prominent regional markets like Chhattisgarhtoday and Odishapost .

The most prominent coverage of the achievements that we have earned yet includes the central and middle-east media networks Vanakkamtamilnadu , and Newkerala is also an overwhelming recognition for us.

Amarjot Singh

I am working here as the senior research analyst since last two years. The quality enviroenment of the organization is what motivates us to deliver the best performance.

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