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Starting in early 2022, a large number of Indian students left the country to pursue higher education opportunities all over the globe. The process of applying to a university overseas, from choosing a program and institution to arranging housing, travel is overwhelming. To study abroad, compliance with the documentation process is essential and it varies from country to country. There is a long list of paperwork whenever you have to go out to study abroad. All overseas candidates may benefit greatly from this informational resource.

Top Documents Required to Study Abroad

The list of documents required to study abroad differs based on the country and university you select. But some important documents are essentially needed everywhere:

  • 1.) Application Form
  • 2.) Official Academic Transcripts
  • 3.) CV/Resume
  • 4.) Letter of Recommendation
  • 5.) English Language Proficiency Test Scores
  • 6.) Statement of Purpose
  • 7.) Valid Passport
  • 8.) Proof of funds and other documents

Application Form

Indeed, this is a simple matter of soundness. The most important piece of paper is the application form since it will include all of the details about yourself that the admission officers will be looking for. For this purpose, it is crucial that the accurate information should be included in the application form. Before sending the same, make sure it’s perfect because it includes both your personal and professional details, this document is of paramount importance. There is a high standard for the completeness and accuracy of information submitted on an application form.

Official Academic Transcripts

These documents serve the same purpose as a student’s final grade report. Your transcripts, degrees, and credit history will be included. They are required by almost every foreign institution you apply to. Your present or prior educational institution(s) will offer transcript(s) to prove that you attended their classes. All students need to make sure their paperwork has been officially stamped and certified. Requesting transcripts from certain schools may incur a fee. The following details will be included in your transcripts from your various academic institution:

  • ✓ Accreditation of the academic institution
  • ✓ Name of the student
  • ✓ Roll number/identity of the student
  • ✓ Name of the degree obtained
  • ✓ List of courses undertaken
  • ✓ Marks/grades obtained in all the courses
  • ✓ The total aggregate of the marks/grade obtained


The resume/curriculum vitae is a vital document that should include all of your relevant job and internship experience, as well as your education and certifications. The curriculum vitae (CV) highlight your academic and professional accomplishments and gives you a chance to showcase your skills and experiences. The term curriculum vitae (CV) originates from the Latin phrase “course of life.” International colleges and employers want a curriculum vitae.

Your CV covers the following:

  • ✓ Contact information
  • ✓ Educational background
  • ✓ Job experience
  • ✓ Qualifications and Talents
  • ✓ Awards and Honors
  • ✓ Publications
  • ✓ Professional organizations
  • ✓ Scholarships and Fellowships
  • ✓ Licensing and Certifications
  • ✓ Community service
  • ✓ Personal details (optional)
  • ✓ Hobbies and Interests (optional)

LOR (Letter of Recommendation)

The letter of recommendation (LOR) is an additional crucial document written by the applicant’s instructors, managers, or other superiors discussing the applicant’s performance, accomplishments, experience, and projects. The admissions committee may learn more about the applicant’s background this way. To apply to institutions overseas, you will need to submit letters of recommendation (LORs). Letters of recommendation (LOR) may be split into two categories: academic (issued by a professor or dean) and professional (written by a supervisor or manager). Students at all levels and in all fields of study typically need two LORs from a mix of academic and professional experiences.

English Language Proficiency Test Scores

Proving English competence is required if English is not your first language. Exams like Duolingo, IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE are quite common among students. You may be required to provide test results from a variety of standardized exams while applying to different schools. IELTS and TOEFL results are recognized as evidence of English language competence by several nations. Physical therapy for the ears (PTE) is yet another choice. For certain graduate programs, the GRE or GMAT is required rather than the SAT or ACT.

These scores are important for admission to your desired university. Getraise has designed classes that help students prepare for these tests with uniquely aimed modules. These tests are designed to gauge the level of proficiency in the most important areas of language needed for success in a foreign academic environment and social interactions with native speakers.These exams will evaluate you in the following areas:

  • ➡ Reading
  • ➡ Writing
  • ➡ Listening
  • ➡ Speaking

SOP (Statement of Purpose)

The application would be useless without the SOP. It will include your prior education and work experience, as well as your primary step for enrolling in a certain program and submitting an application to a particular school. Since the admissions board and authorities will be looking attentively at this essay, it is of paramount importance. An informative document, a Statement of Purpose is one of the most crucial requirements for studying abroad. There’s a summary of your career and personal interests, as well as a list of your most impressive academic achievements.

The admissions committee will learn a great deal about you and your background through your statement of purpose. The Statement of Purpose (SOP) requires you to explain why you want to study in a specific nation, at a specific institution, and in a specific major

Valid Passport

You need to have a passport that is current and has a validity term that extends for at least six months beyond the date that you want to return to your home country.

Proof of funds and other documents

To have your student visa processed for most places to study abroad, you will be required to provide documentation that you have sufficient funds. You need to provide evidence that you can financially support your education while studying abroad, as well as your housing and any other costs that you will incur while you are there. The statement from your bank account that indicates you have the finances to support your education abroad as a document that can also be recognized as a form of evidence that you have those funds.



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