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Indians are often the greatest recipients of H-1B visas for highly skilled workers and the second-largest group of overseas students in the United States. According to US official data, Indian immigrants are more educated, more likely to have solid English language skills, more likely to enter the country on employment-based visas, and less likely to live below the poverty level than the general immigrant population. Numerous Indians labor in the domains of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). The majority of Indian immigrants make their homes in California, Texas, and New Jersey.

The education system in the USA

US Education system – Many students planning to pursue higher education in the United States may be startled to learn that the United States lacks an education system. The federal government has minimal control over education via the funds it provides. There are no national high school graduation exams in the United States, in contrast to the CBSE board examinations in India.

However, there are state-mandated graduation tests that students must pass. When it comes to higher education, students have a plethora of alternatives when it comes to selecting a college or university. While there are organizations that rate American schools and universities, the issue of ‘fit’ is also important. While the GPA* of accepted students is important, other criteria such as majors offered, geography, enrollment, and campus culture all influence a prospective student’s selection. Certain colleges and universities get public funding, while others receive private funding.

Popular student destinations in USA:

Princeton University, Harvard University, Yale University, Columbia University, and Stanford University are just a few of the United States’ best institutions (in no particular order). The region of New England on the east coast of the United States is home to the majority of the country’s prominent academic institutions.

The majority of the country’s top institutions are located in places such as Boston, New York, Cambridge, Old Saybrook, and New Haven. Around 193,124 Indian students studied in the United States during the school year 2019-20. The most common courses taken by Indian students in the United States are business management, computer science, finance and accounting, economics, communications/media, and physical and life sciences.

Types of Higher Education Institutes in the USA

  • State School/college/University


The United States of America is divided into 50 states, each of which operates at least one institution or college dedicated to offering affordable higher education to students. These institutions are supported by their respective state governments and boast cutting-edge facilities. For instance, the University of California or Texas A&M. Different institutions have different admissions requirements, and students must earn a particular minimum percentage to be admitted to colleges in the United States of America.

  • Private university/college

These institutions are privately administered and are regarded as more expensive than public schools.

  • Community Colleges

Community colleges provide two-year certificate programs or transferable associate degrees. Typically, graduates of community colleges transfer to universities or four-year schools to finish their degrees. They are permitted to transfer credits obtained at the community college. Community colleges provide English language classes and other programs that prepare students for university-level coursework.

  • Technology Institutes

These are the institutions that provide four-year scientific and technology degrees.

  • Liberal Arts College

Students seeking a liberal arts degree concentrate on a single area, referred to as a major,’ but are also required to complete General Education classes in almost every other subject offered. While liberal arts colleges typically provide a single broad field of study, universities often offer the same major in two or more degree areas. A student may major in mathematics and yet pursue a career in engineering.

About the US

Southwest – The Southwest is characterized by a scorching desert environment and is home to cities such as Phoenix and Las Vegas. Summer temperatures range between 40°C and 25°C, while winter temperatures range between 18°C and 4°C.

Southeast – The southeast region of the United States has a warm to hot, humid climate and is home to cities such as Houston, New Orleans, Atlanta, and Charleston. Summer temperatures range between 35°C and 25°C, while winter temperatures range between 10°C and 0°C. The Midwest, Northern Plains, Great Lakes, and New England areas all have humid climates and include cities such as Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio. Summer temperatures range between 28°C and 15°C, while winter temperatures range between 0°C and -9°C.

Atlantic Coast – The central plains and east coast of the United States have a humid subtropical climate and are home to cities such as St. Louis, Cincinnati, and New York City. Summer temperatures range between 30°C and 18°C, while winter temperatures range between 4°C and -3°C.

The Pacific Northwest enjoys an oceanic climate and is home to cities such as Seattle and Portland. Summer temperatures range between 30°C and 18°C, while winter temperatures range between 4°C and -3°C.

Lifestyle advice – The United States of America is a vibrant nation that spans the length and width of a continent. Numerous cultural currents exist and interact in contemporary America. To blend in with the locals, bear in mind that Americans have a very different lifestyle than Indians. If you really want to get to know and meet new people, you must include additional activities into your life. Understand Professional Sports – One method to establish rapport with locals is to discuss professional sports such as the NFL or NBA, or any other local sport. Sports are important for socializing with the locals.

Outdoor activities – Americans like being outside and participating in outdoor sports and games. Their lives are busier, and they like meeting new people and experimenting with new and unique abilities.

Concerts and Nightlife – On weekends, people attend social activities such as music concerts and shows or just go to a pub to watch a game. Weekends are for socializing and relaxing, and hence you may be invited to a club by your friends or classmates. All you need is an open mind to interact and meet new people.

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