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Thousands of students go to Canada because they want to choose a country that is both progressive and liberal. The country welcomes immigrants with open arms and works to improve their quality of life so they can settle in without much trouble. Canada’s education system is flexible enough to let students take gap years. In Canada, you can take a gap from school, but the rules for graduate degrees are different from those for undergraduate degrees. Let this blog provide you with complete information and a guide about the study gap in Canada.

What is the study gap?

The study gap is the amount of time that has passed since you got your last degree until now. The majority of students all over the world traditionally took a significant number of gap years for a variety of reasons.

For example, a student who is interested in pursuing a medical degree but is concerned that they will not pass the entrance exam could consider taking a gap year. Some graduates choose to enter the workforce for a year or two after receiving their diploma; this can also count as a gap year.

Is the study Gap Acceptable in Canada?

Yes. The Canadian education system makes it possible for international students to study there even if they took a break from school before. But students in this group have to work harder to get into a university in Canada. Some of these include sending in more documents and showing that there is a good reason for the study gap and also having to attach their justification letter with their documents.

Necessary documents for study visa in Canada after a gap year

  • Photographs
  • Educational documents
  • Passport
  • Immigration/Embassy Forms
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Medical report
  • Study Gap Justification If Necessary
  • English language proficiency test scores


For this you have to do is make a strong case about your situation to both the college and the Canadian Embassy. In Canada, the cost of a study permit is about 150 Canadian dollars. If you want to go to study in Canada, you will need a study permit. We are here to provide assistance for building a strong case and help you out in getting the study permit in Canada.

How much gap year between bachelor’s and master’s is acceptable in Canada?

In general, a gap of two years between high school and college is greatest for undergraduates, while a gap of five years is for postgraduates. But you should check with the college or university you want to attend to make sure this is true. So, you can see that the 5-year study gap between bachelor’s and master’s is acceptable in Canada.

Study Gap in Canada

  • Applicants to undergraduate programs can have a gap in their education of up to two years
  • Applicants to master’s degree programs can have a gap of up to five years.

For example, students who want to enroll in an undergraduate or diploma program in Canada can take a gap from school for up to two years. Students who want to enroll in a post-graduate program in Canada can take a gap from school for up to five years.

Few Justifying Reasons for A Study Gap

Study Gap in Canada

If you’re interested in applying for a Canadian education but are worried about how many years you’ll have to wait because of your gap, then you should visit the website immediately to get answers to all of your questions and worries and start the application process. Don’t let any gap come in between your dream career.


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